Your Custom Senior Experience fee is $500
This covers ONLY your session, it does not include all photographs.
(session does include five digital images)
This payment also secures your booking.
4 Hours | 5 Outfits | 3 Locations
Pick a Park, Urban, Beach or a combo of all three

Your viewing session will be scheduled two or three weeks after your shoot, you will be able to view your gallery and choose your products. You may choose from a range of packages, which display your images in a quality Italian leather portfolio box, individually mounted prints in various sizes, or canvas pro wall art.
Products and prints may be purchased during and after your viewing session,
but there is no obligation; you purchase only the ones you love!

Senior Shoot Guidelines 

  1. The photographer will make no personal contact with clients or members of the client’s party. This no-touch policy includes handshakes or any other standard person-to-person greeting. The photographer will keep a minimum of 6 feet between themselves and the client at all times. Additionally, the photographer will not be able to fix your hair or clothing. 
  2. Clients must wear a non-valved face mask at all times, except when they are being photographed and only when they are at least 6 feet away from the photographer. 
  3. Photoshoots will be limited to one per day. Clients will be held to strict appointment times.
  4. Clients may bring one guest to observe the shoot and to help adjust and fix the Senior. Guests are required to wear a face mask at all times and to adhere to all social distancing guidelines by maintaining at least 6 feet between themselves and the photographer.
  5. The photographer will wear a face mask for the duration of the shoot. 
  6. The photographer will follow CDC recommended guidelines to clean their hands before, during, and after each shoot. The photographer will also sanitize their equipment throughout the day.
  7. During the shoot, the photographer will provide directions and instructions to the client through phone calls, FaceTime, texting, and or descriptive gestures.
  8. The photographer will not review images with the client during or at the end of the shoot. 
  9. 30-minute pre-shoot consultation via FaceTime, Zoom, etc. is recommended. Clients must be 100% ready for photos before the photographer arrives.
  10. Photoshoots must take place outdoors in a location agreed upon by the photographer and client. 
  11. Payments will be made electronically via Square or Venmo.
  12. In the event that the client or their guest tests positive for COVID-19 two weeks after the photo shoot, the client must inform the photographer ASAP. If the photographer tests positive for COVID-19 within two weeks after the shoot, they will contact the client ASAP.
  13. The photographer may refuse service if either the client or their guest is showing symptoms of illness, not adhering to social distancing and face mask requirements, or if a significant delay is requested to complete the photoshoot. 
  14. The session will be canceled if the photographer feels sick or had prior contact with a known infected person.
  15. All clients are required to sign a COVID-19 Photography Services Waiver.
  16. Clients and their guests must complete and submit the COVID-19 Health Questionnaire within 24 hours of the scheduled photo shoot.