These amazing images of Sawyer, taken by the very talented photographer Doug Arcos bring Life to a story that has been held in memories, emotions, struggles and triumphs. They tell a story that is not just ours, but those who have shared in this Journey…within them I see the beautiful children we have lost to cancer who live on through us, the ones still fighting for tomorrow and the Light of spirit that emerges from even the darkest spaces. Our hope is that these amazing pictures captured by this incredibly talented artist bring Hope where there is fear, Comfort where there is uncertainty, Empowerment where there is weakness and Awareness where there is a need to shine a light on Truth. Only 4% of all the money that the Federal Government allocates for cancer research goes to Childhood Cancer Research. May these images remind us that every Life is precious and we must do more to fight for the lives of our children and each other’s children. We are one Family. Doug and Anne, thank you so very much for sharing your hearts, your talents, your vision and your compassion to help bring this story to life. 💜 There is more to come as we weave together a story of Strength, Hope, Love and Awareness.